Nothing additional to report. Ten-eight for the remainder.
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  1. Is that Police-speak for, "I got nuthin"?

  2. In DC it means that I'm done for the rest of the tour.

  3. I love the codes. In my summer job in New Jersey we had walkie-talkies because we were spread out over a large area. We had to use the codes, I wonder if they are similar?

    10-4 = message received
    10-17 = en route

    So if someone wanted you to come over you would have to say "10-4, 10-17".
    10-1 = one of the rides has been urinated on
    10-2 = you can probably guess

  4. For us 10-4 meant a couple of things - an acknowledgement, copy, or riding with a partner. Don't have anything for being defecated on except maybe an expletive I wouldn't want to mention.