Beyond the Man in the Iron Mask, a mini blog tour by Vidocq_cc

“Vidster” Vidocq, an older gentleman, loves to crack his brain over the impossible. He likes to read about historical mysteries and unsolved homicides. He writes down his musing on the blog “Defrosting Cold Cases.”

About Vidster, by Vidster:

"Vidocq is of course, my  pen name and I wish to remain in the shadows. Those who work with me do know who I am. I thank them for keeping my privacy.

As Vidocq, I created #cclivechat (Cold Case Live Chat) on Twitter. Every Friday from noon-1pm EST you can join the chat for updates on unsolved homicides worldwide. I also host guests during “themed” chats. A schedule of the themed chats can be found on the DCC’s home page. Guests discuss issues ranging from DNA to blogging, cyber-bullying to fiction, and from postmortem toxicology to forensic arson detection." 

You can follow Vidocq’s account on Twitter: @Vidocq_CC.

Part one of Beyond the Man in the Iron Mask, is being hosted by Gary Lee Walters, currently posted on his website,  

Case Jackets will be hosting part two, which I will post on the weekend of April 21st -22nd. Really a great read so check out part one at the above mentioned link.

Part three will be hosted by, Suzie Ivy, on her blog, The Bad luck Detective in the weekend of April 28th - 29th.

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