Cover Reveal for Geoff Hudson-Searle's Book

As many of you know I'm a retired police detective turned crime fiction writer. I've done a lot of other things in life prior to police work and I wish I had a book like Freedom After the Sharks when I got started. It still looks like a worthy read, even in retirement. Following is a little bit about the book and the author.

 Cover Freedom After The Sharks

Geoff Hudson-Searle's book "Freedom after the Sharks" is coming out soon. The book covers how to survive regardless of a lack of resources and finances in a declining economy. The book discusses business failures, success, and includes business models that can be implemented immediately. The primary target audience are entrepreneurs. Starting up, they may not be sure of the path to take. Even if they can visualize the path, it is good to learn from other people’s mistakes and failures. Other groups of readers are middle management or junior executives who are looking for a fascinating life story of courage, drive, and inspiration. The secondary target audience are graduates and college students who will find information that will prepare them for their career.

About the author: Geoff Hudson-Searle is a very passionate and innovating international director whose leadership is characterized by sharing information, round-table discussions, and strategic growth and deployment. Embracing cultural diversity in business, Geoff is a thought-leader. Now, he has added being an author to his impressive resume. Geoff blogs about his business insights and workshops here.